Remember Bobby Mcfarrin’s song, “Don’t worry. be happy.”  Well this article says worry about being happy.

Four Ways Happiness Can Hurt You | Greater Good.

Here’s the article’s concluding quote: “Finally, it is important to pursue and experience happiness for the right reasons. Too much focus on striving for happiness as an end in itself can actually be self-defeating. Rather than trying to zealously find happiness, we should work to build acceptance of our current emotional state, whatever it may be. True happiness, it seems, comes from fostering kindness toward others—and toward yourself.


The last line of the above quote says it all.  So sad that this has been known throughout the ages, and that all the most current research supports kindness, and yet all assaults us on the media, on the sports fields, and on the battlefields are angry words.  Makes me sigh.  Depresses me. But I can practice kindness and at least that keeps me strong and I like to think helps make the world a bit better.


If you think this post would be of value to another show you care, share.  In time all acts of kindness bless the giver as well as the reciever.

Stay strong I am trying and it is not always easy.


IMAGE BY; The Glut Guy

2 responses to “PURSUING HAPPINESS?

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  2. So very true. Adopting an attitude of gratitude I find brings much happiness.


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