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I’m Back

Coming back to this as my primary blog. Hoping I can eventually share previous blog posts to, but if not such is life. At 82 and dependent on Social Security, I could not afford the sudden increase in hosting costs.

This is a better option anyway, as it can more easily be taken over, by friend or family when I can no longer keep up. Hoping to go on for many years but, do have health problems. Moreover to be realistic, one never knows when the powers above us decide to move us else were. I am going to do a few posts introducing you to Emotional Fitness and then will probably post at least weekly using what I call Poster Coaches – short letter size quotes about what matters, jokes, and Emotional Fitness exercises all designed to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence.

Here is an Emotional Fitness Exercise called Be With Beauty:

That is all at the moment. Thank you for all you do that moves the world toward peace.

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Katherine aka Katherine G. Levine.

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How to Speak So the Deaf Can Hear

A Cranky Old Deaf One’s blog post, inspired by this Word Press Daily Prompt Challenge If you could  be fluent in any language  which would it be?

Hearing aide joke Emotional Fitness Thoughts

I laughed, hope you did. Also hope you thought a bit more about what mattered.

The language I would like to acquire would be “Lip Reading.” Then I would know who were my real friends, who liked to make jokes about other people, and who just cared about themselves.

On the other hand, it might just better to be a bit deaf to what is said and so  judge others by actions and not words. The Word Nazi’s promote divisiveness as much as peace.

The language I would like others to learn is American Sign Language.  It is so easy to learn even babies can learn some basic signs before they can talk.

Reality check: As easy as it is for baby’s to learn, once they begin knowing how to talk, that becomes their preferred language. I taught my grands some basic signs, but they lost interest as soon as they could talk. What I am seeing is that the grand nearing kindergarten age is getting a bit re-invested in signing.

So this blog post’s Emotional Fitness Tip is really a wish. That all day care and elementary schools would include signing as part of their curriculum. It is as important a second language as any other and more universal. Moreover, it is best taught via songs and that boosts emotional intelligence and fitness as well.

Then it could become an elective in all upper grades.

Think about this: skilled signers have little difficulty finding jobs, either full time or part time.


Parenting tip one: Encourage all to teach signing to children and reinforce it. 

Parenting tip two:  Of course that means you must learn to sign.

Parenting tip three:  When you have learned some signs have Signing Time every day at a specified time.  Meal time is a good time. So is making it part of a night time ritual. 


Remember’s sharing is caring and the easiest way to practice kindness is to share this post if you found it helpful.  Share it even if it doesn’t speak to you, it will speak to some. Thank you.




If you are in the business world, you have heard about the need to improve your  emotional intelligence.   Here’s the dummy’s way to do that.

EQ instagrom intro to efti

Go here for to get started with some Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises  Then go to the EFTI store for Free Poster Coaches including exercises designed for dummies but also for those with lots of smarts.

Could not resist this quick post when I saw this DAILY PROMPT(Your Thing) for Dummies – Take a complicated subject you know more about than most people, and explain it to a friend who knows nothing about it at all.

Emotional Fitness Training improves your emotional intelligence the way  power walking improves you physically.  Your power to boss negative feelings grow the more you practice.


Keep working to stay strong, I work hard to do the same . As noted above,  I am not perfect, no one is and this week;s post will be all about praising imperfection.

Remember’s sharing is caring and the easiest way to practice kindness is to share this post if you found it helpful.  Thank you.



“Scarcity creates value. It wins the attention and admiration of others.”  so says a big business coaching blog. Not true for all things, kindness for example.

Go Beyond Random Kindness

Moreover, I do not think it applies to blogging. The most popular bloggers blog every day, despite being told that is not necessary.

So here is what I am thinking of in terms of trying to get meet my goal for the New Year. The goal? To get at least five new EFTI in print books published.

Reality demands I cut back on the time it takes to blog. I am thinking of doing a major post every Monday. Shorter mainly follow up posts Monday through Friday.  These might just be a different Poster Coach  with ad added tip framed as  thinking or remembering what matters. No separate Parenting Tips.

These posts would  end as follows:

Practice Deliberate Kindness

One way I  practice kindness  is by sharing free downloads of  most of EFTI’s  poster coaches  at the EFTIstore. A poster coach is like a face-to-face coach; all serve as practice reminders, some are quotes about what matters, some teach you the exercises needed to stay strong.

You  practice Internet kindness every time you like, comment or share someones’ post. I feel good when I support my internet friends. Even small kinesses strengthen you.

Stay strong

I work at it every day and still have moments of weakness and regret, but manage most of the time to enjoy what can be enjoyed, act wisely, forgive myself and others, and practice kindness.